Russo-Ukrainian War: Forecasts and Resources
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Mar 6, 2021 1 min read

🎙️Metaculus Scoring Drama, Trouble in Myanmar, Discovering Rootclaim

Clay and Andrew are flying solo...or rather duo. In this week’s episode of GGWP we comment on the Metaculus Scoring Rule Controversy, cover the week's geopolitical news, and explore an intriguing forecasting website called Rootclaim.

Andrew and Clay are flying solo again for this week’s episode of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast. In episode 3, we cover and comment on the recent Metaculus scoring controversy and discuss ways to better incentivize accurate forecasts in community prediction platforms. We also reflect on the recent geopolitical events in the news, update one of our forecasts in the Middle East, and talk about a new forecasting website that has caught our attention for more than one reason.

The next episode of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast is out. Go watch/listen:



Clay Graubard
Clay majored in Economics and International Relations (IR) at the University of Pennsylvania, and is pursuing a master's in IR at Oxford.

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