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Jul 11, 2021 1 min read

John Fowler on International Intrigue and the limits of Forecasting

John Fowler on International Intrigue and the limits of Forecasting

John Fowler, co-founder and former Diplomat, on founding International Intrigue, the benefits and limitations of Forecasting, and the geopolitics of the East.

Career paths rarely unfold linearly, and this week's guest is no exception. But his winding way in geopolitics (as he discusses) provided him with exceptional perspective which has surely informed his geopolitical chops.

Welcome to the 17th episode of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast. This week, we are joined by John Fowler of the rapidly growing media franchise Intrigue Media.

Hailing from Australia, John’s path to where he is today has been anything but standard. John began his career as a lawyer after graduating university, working with the department of foreign affairs and trade. But after admittedly becoming disillusioned with that path, he leveraged his legal learnings as a diplomat for the Australian Foreign Service working on maritime law. His career has taken him all over the world, from Australia to China, and now John has pivoted again, having just finished his MBA in London.

John’s experiences have given him an incredible perspective on all things geopolitics and global affairs, and this has culminated, somewhat recently in the launch of his Substack newsletter International Intrigue which he co-founded with Helen Zhang.

During the episode, we talked to John about his circuitous route to International Intrigue, including stops to study law, join the Australian foreign service, and earn an MBA. We also chatted about some of his most memorable International Intrigue editions as well as exploring the many linkages between the worlds of geopolitics and forecasting. Be sure to listen or watch this episode for some interesting conversation, and to discover another great content hub to consume.


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Andrew Eaddy
Andrew studied Political Science and Arabic at Haverford College and currently works as an investment banker in New York City.

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