Will Conflict Break Out Between Russia and Ukraine? | GGWP 9
Global Guessing Weekly Podcast

Will Conflict Break Out Between Russia and Ukraine? | GGWP 9

Clay Graubard
Andrew Eaddy
Clay Graubard, Andrew Eaddy

Who saw this coming? In this episode of GGWP we sat down with our good friend, and returning guest, Ross C. of AR Global Security to talk about all things Ukraine and Russia!

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been at record highs. And while these strained ties died down somewhat in the interim, they spiked again in January, leading to casualties and military build-up on the Russo-Ukrainian border.

In Episode 9 of the Global Guessing Weekly we discuss the origins of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the recent heightened tensions between the two nations, and where we think the conflict will end up this year. Ross provides his insights on this conflict as a student of security studies in the United Kingdom, and the Global Guessing team shares their thoughts while providing analysis from a forecasting perspective as well.

In next week’s Metaculus Mondays we will be taking a page from our Suez Canal volume and focusing solely on this question of conflict in Donbass, so be prepared to see some of our analysis with Ross end up in the article. And please, if you have thoughts on which topic we should cover on our next videos with AR Global Security, reach out to us on any of our social media platforms.

We also live-streamed this week’s episode on Ross’ TikTok page AR Global Security. Be sure to go follow him to see when he’s live, as we might join him on days where we don’t have a podcast being released as well.

Episode 9 of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast is out now. Due to some audio issues, we decided to upload this episode exclusively on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so we can reach 100 subscribers and claim the name Global Guessing!

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